Michael Mandelstam provides a range of legal training and consultancy on social care and health care. He has provided these services for over 21 years to local councils, NHS bodies, voluntary bodies and the independent sector throughout the United Kingdom. He has also written a number of widely used legal books on social and health care.

Other Publications

Home adaptations: the Care Act 2014 and related provision across the United Kingdom (College of Occupational Therapists 2016)

Using the law to develop and improve equipment and adaptation provision (Scottish Executive 2003)

How to get equipment for disability (three editions 1988-1993)

Environmental Control Systems (Disabled Living Foundation 1992)

Equipment for disability (Disabled Living Foundation 1991)

DLF Data Thesaurus (Disabled Living Foundation 1989)

Manual handling in social care: law, practice and balanced decision-making. Chapter 2 in: Guide to the handling of patients. Editor: Jacqui Smith. (5th edition, Royal College of Nursing, Back Care, National Back Exchange, 2005)

Review of literature 1986-1991 on day care services for adults. Paul Brearley with Michael Mandelstam. (Stationery Office for the Social Services Inspectorate, 1992)


Wilful neglect and health care. Journal of Adult Protection (2014) Volume 16 Issue 6

Manual handling, equipment, risk, safeguarding and coercion. The Column, 26th February (2014)

Of older people, rubbish collection, spin, markets and professionals. The Column, 25th February (2013)

On the bandwagon? British Journal of Occupational Therapy (2007); 6, p.227

Case file: cross arm lifts, swivel transfers, moving beds, lifting and disability in school. The Column (2007); 19(2), pp.16-17

The NHS: a case in point and peril. The Column (2006); 18(3), pp.24-27

Case file: risk, law and professional good practice and the avoidance of blanket policies. The Column (2005); 17(3), pp.18-19

Case file: not forgetting the person. The Column (2005); 17(1), pp.16-17

Disabled People, Manual Handling and Human Rights. British Journal of Occupational Therapy (2003); 66(11), pp. 528-530

Case file: fair access to care and direct payments: fairness, independent living or legal anxiety? The Column (2003); 15(4), pp.7-10

Case file: manual handling, balanced decision-making and human rights. The Column (2003); 15(2), pp.15-21

Case file: quarterly analysis of recent cases. The Column (2003); 15(1), pp.9-10

Manual handling and balanced decision making: a legal perspective. The Column (2002); 14(1), pp.13-19

Safe Use of Disability Equipment and Manual Handling: Legal Aspects - Part 1, Disability Equipment. British Journal of Occupational Therapy (2001); 64(1), pp. 9-16

Safe Use of Disability Equipment and Manual Handling: Legal Aspects - Part 2, Manual Handling. British Journal of Occupational Therapy (2001); 64(2), pp. 73-80

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